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Hospitality Sector


Solaris caters to the top management of companies that are modernly organized and seriously committed to normative and legislative compliance. Its own experiences and skills both in the domestic market and internationally implement their value and efficiency.

Born and structured with the aim to carry out all activities related to compliance, it stems from a division of the parent company Converg, founded in 1992 by Stefano Vergani and some entrepreneurs and managers with experience in national and multinational companies.

Converg was the first consulting firm in Italy to achieve a quality certification pursuing ISO 9002 (1996) standard and the first European to obtain the Social Accountability certification according to SA 8000 (2000) standard.


Solaris deals with:

  • strategy auditing
  • process and organizational consistency auditing
  • consulting for implementing change-oriented strategic and operational plans
  • inspection activities for third parties


Solaris mainly works with private companies of several commodity-related sectors (industrial, commerce, services…) and of different sizes, but also with public bodies and institutions.


Solaris‘s international clientele is remarkable and consists of both private and public companies and bodies:

  • EC (France, Germany, UK, Spain, Scandinavia, Russia)
  • United States and Canada
  • Central and South America (Brazil, Argentina, Peru)
  • India
  • China and South-East Asia
  • Australia and New Zealand


One of the key factors of Solaris‘s success, in addition to the strictness in selecting resources – experienced managers as well as young talents, is being part of a group which makes it possible to develop consulting interventions and projects without risking overlapping with other consulting partners.

Stefano Vergani

Here a concise profile of Stefano Vergani, CEO of Converg Group:

  • Milan university – Faculty of Literature and Philosophy
  • Former serviceperson (Carabinieri corps)
  • Manager, General Manager and Chief Executive Officer for American multinationals (IBM, Memorex, Telex, EMC Corp.) and domestic companies (CEDES Group)
  • Since 1992, entrepreneur and CEO of Converg Group (4 companies)
  • In 2004 Converg Group was partner of the Dutch multinational CBE Group
  • In 2009 he is one of the founders of AISOM (now Associazione Nazionale delle Imprese – www.aisom.it) and since then President of the association
  • Founder and President of some non-profit associations
  • Certificate manager for company innovation
  • Trainer and third-party inspector for national and international certification bodies
  • Trainer and coach in managerial development activities